Top ten MGNs for officer of the watches


UK Marine Guidance Notices  (MGNs) are excellent sources of information for anyone studying for Officer of Watch examinations, even for those not sailing under the British flag. Here are the top ten of the Notices covering OOW topics.

Follow the links to read the notice.

The top ten UK Marine Guidence notes for the officer of the watch.  (Feb 2016)

1 MGN 315 (M) – Keeping a Safe Navigational Watch on Merchant Vessels

2 MGN 369 (M+F) – Navigation: Navigation in Restricted Visibility

3 MGN 379 (M+F) – Navigation: Use of Electronic Navigation Aids

4 MGN 137 (M+F) – Look-out During Periods of Darkness and Restricted Visibility

5 MGN 357 (M+F) – Night-time lookout – Photochromic Lenses and Dark Adaptation

6 MGN 199 (M) – Dangers of interaction

7 MGN 299 (M+F) – Interference with Safe Navigation through Inappropriate Use of Mobile Phones

8 MGN 372 (M+F) – Offshore Renewable Energy Installations (OREIs): Guidance to Mariners Operating in the Vicinity of UK OREIs

9 MGN 364 (M+F) – Navigation: Traffic Separation Schemes – Application of Rule 10 and Navigation in the Dover Strait

10 MGN 301 (M+F) – Manoeuvring Information on Board Ships

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