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Ship certification- what should be carried, and why

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The last post in this series contained useful hyperlinks for sources of information about ship’s certification. This post will take one of those documents, the IMO circular FAL.2/Circ.127, and use it as a base for building a handy reference to ship certification. I have resorted the order into one that makes a bit more sense, added some headings, and listed the main reference for each document.



Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)– SOLAS 1974, regulation XI-1/5

International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC) or Interim International Ship Security CertificateSOLAS 1974,regulation XI-2/9.1.1; ISPS Code, part A, section 19 and appendices

Document of Compliance-SOLAS 1974, regulation IX/4; ISM Code

Safety Management Certificate-SOLAS 1974,regulation IX/4;ISM Code, paragraph 1

Tonnage and loadlines

International Tonnage Certificate (1969)-International-Tonnage Convention, article 7

International Load Line Certificate– LL Convention, article 16; 1988 LL Protocol, article 16

International Load Line Exemption Certificate-LL Convention, article 6; 1988 LL Protocol, article 16


International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate-MARPOL Annex I, regulation 7

International Anti-fouling System Certificate-AFS Convention, regulation 2(1) of annex 4

Declaration on Anti-fouling System-AFS Convention, regulation 5(1) of annex 4

International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate-MARPOL Annex VI, regulation 6

International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate-MARPOL Annex IV, regulation 5

International Energy Efficiency Certificate-MARPOL Annex VI, regulation 6


Minimum Safe Manning Document-SOLAS 1974, regulation V/14.2

Certificates for masters, officers or ratings-STCW 1978, article VI, regulation I/2; STCW Code, section A-I/2


AIS test report-SOLAS 1974, regulation V/18.9

Voyage data recorder systems, Certificate of Compliance-SOLAS 1974, regulation V/18.8

LRIT conformance test report-SOLAS 1974, regulation V/19-1
Exemption Certificate- SOLAS 1974, regulation I/12



Construction drawings– SOLAS 1974, regulation II-1/3-7

Ship Construction File-SOLAS 1974, regulation II-1/3-10

Stability information-SOLAS 1974, regulations II-1/, LL Convention; 1988 LL Protocol, regulation 10

Damage control plans and booklets-SOLAS 1974, regulation II-1/19

Fire and LSAimg_20160915_072700_hdr.jpg

Fire safety training manual-SOLAS 1974, regulation II-2/15.2.3

Fire control plan/booklet-SOLAS 1974, regulations II-2/15.2.4 and II-2/15.3.2

Fire safety operational booklet-SOLAS 1974, regulation II-2/16.2

Training manual-SOLAS 1974, regulation III/35


Manoeuvring booklet-SOLAS 1974, regulation II-1/28


Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)– SOLAS 1974, regulation VI/5-1

Cargo Securing Manual -SOLAS 1974, regulations VI/5.6 and VII/5


EEDI Technical File-MARPOL Annex VI, regulation 20

Technical File-NOx Technical Code, paragraph 2.3.4

Coating Technical File-SOLAS 1974, regulation II-1/3-2
Noise Survey Report-SOLAS 1974, regulation II-1/3-12


Nautical charts and nautical publications-SOLAS 1974, regulations V/ and V/27

International Code of Signals and a copy of Volume III of IAMSAR Manual-SOLAS 1974, regulation V/21

Manufacturer’s Operating Manual for Incinerators-MARPOL Annex VI, regulation 16.7



Maintenance plans-SOLAS 1974, regulations II-2/14.2.2 and II-2/14.4

Ship Security Plan and associated records– SOLAS 1974, regulation XI-2/9; ISPS Code. part A  sections 9 and 10


Ship-specific Plans and Procedures for Recovery of Persons from the Water-SOLAS 1974 regulation, III/17-1

Onboard training and drills record-SOLAS 1974, regulation II-2/


Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan-MARPOL Annex I, regulation 37

Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP)– MARPOL Annex VI, regulation 22; MEPC.1/Circ.795



Records of navigational activities-SOLAS 1974, regulations V/26 and V/28.1

Records of hours of rest-STCW Code, section A-VIII/1;Maritime Labour Convention, 2006; Seafarers’ Hours of Work and the Manning of Ships Convention,


Oil Record Book-MARPOL Annex I, regulations 17 and 36

Garbage Management Plan-MARPOL Annex V, regulation 10;

Garbage Record Book-MARPOL Annex V, regulation 10

Ozone-depleting Substances Record Book-MARPOL Annex VI, regulation 12.6

Fuel Oil Changeover Procedure and Logbook (record of fuel changeover)– MARPOL Annex VI, regulation 14.6

Bunker Delivery Note and Representative Sample-MARPOL Annex VI, regulations 18.6 and 18.8.1

Record Book of Engine Parameters-NOx Technical Code, paragraph 2.3.7

Additional documents required by ship type

Passenger ships

Passenger Ship Safety CertificateSOLAS 1974, regulation I/12

Special Trade Passenger Ship Safety Certificate -STP 71, rule 5

Search and rescue cooperation plan -SOLAS 1974, regulation V/7.3

List of operational limitations-SOLAS 1974, regulation V/30

Decision support system for masters –SOLAS 1974, regulation III/29

Cargo ships

Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate -SOLAS 1974, regulation I/12

Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate -SOLAS 1974 regulation I/12

Cargo Ship Safety Radio CertificateSOLAS 1974, regulation I/12

Cargo Ship Safety Certificate -1988 SOLAS Protocol, regulation I/12

Document of authorization for the carriage of grain and grain loading manual -SOLAS 1974, regulation VI/9

Certificate of insurance or other financial security in respect of civil liability for oil pollution damage– CLC 1969, article VII

Certificate of insurance or other financial security in respect of civil liability for bunker oil pollution damage -Bunker Convention 2001, article 7

Enhanced survey report file
– SOLAS 1974, regulation XI-1/2

Record of oil discharge monitoring and control system for the last ballast voyage- MARPOL Annex I, regulation 31

Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control (ODMC) Operational Manual
 -MARPOL Annex I, regulation 31

Cargo Information-SOLAS 1974, regulations VI/2 and XII/10

Ship Structure Access Manual -SOLAS 1974, regulation II-1/3-6

Bulk Carrier Booklet -SOLAS 1974, regulations VI/7 and XII/8

Crude Oil Washing Operation and Equipment Manual (COW Manual) -MARPOL Annex I, regulation 35

Condition Assessment Scheme (CAS) Statement of Compliance, CAS Final Report and Review Record –MARPOL Annex I, regulations 20 and 21

Subdivision and stability information -MARPOL Annex I, regulation 28

STS Operation Plan and Records of STS Operations
 -MARPOL Annex I, regulation 41

VOC Management Plan
 -MARPOL Annex VI, regulation 15.6

Ships carrying noxious liquid chemical substances in bulk

International Pollution Prevention Certificate for the Carriage of Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk (NLS Certificate)MARPOL Annex II, regulation 8

Cargo record book-MARPOL Annex II, regulation 15.2

Procedures and Arrangements Manual (P & A Manual) –MARPOL Annex II, regulation 14

Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan for Noxious Liquid Substances-MARPOL Annex II, regulation 17

Chemical tankers

Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Dangerous Chemicals in BulkBCH Code, section 1.6

International Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk– 
 IBC Code, section 1.5

Gas carriers

Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Liquefied Gases in BulkGC Code, section 1.6

International Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Liquefied Gases in Bulk– 
IGC Code, section 1.5;

High-speed craft

High-Speed Craft Safety CertificateSOLAS 1974, regulation X/3

Permit to Operate High-Speed Craft- 1994 HSC Code, section 1.9Highest, SOLAS 1974, regulation X/3

Ships carrying dangerous goods

Document of compliance with the special requirements for ships carrying dangerous goods– SOLAS 1974, regulation II-2/19.4

Ships carrying dangerous goods in packaged form

Dangerous goods manifest or stowage plan- SOLAS 1974, regulations VII/4.5 and VII/7-2; MARPOL Annex III, regulation 4

Ships carrying INF cargo

International Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of INF Cargo-SOLAS 1974, regulation VII/16;

Nuclear Ships

A Nuclear Cargo Ship Safety Certificate or Nuclear Passenger Ship Safety Certificate, in place of the Cargo Ship Safety Certificate or Passenger Ship Safety Certificate, as appropriate -SOLAS 1974, regulation VIII/10

Other certificates and documents which are not mandatory

Special purpose ships

Special Purpose Ship Safety Certificate– Resolution A.534(13), as amended by MSC/Circ.739; 2008 SPS Code
Offshore support vessels

Offshore Supply Vessel Document of Compliance– Resolution MSC.235(82)

Certificate of Fitness for Offshore Support Vessels -Resolution A.673(16); MARPOL Annex II, regulation 13(4)

Diving systems

Diving System Safety Certificate-Resolution A.536(13), section 1.6

Passenger submersible craft

Safety Compliance Certificate for Passenger Submersible Craft -MSC/Circ.981

Dynamically supported craft

Dynamically Supported Craft Construction and Equipment Certificate– Resolution A.414(XI), section 1.6; resolution A.649(16), section 1.6; resolution A.649(16)

Wing-In-Ground (WIG) Craft

Wing–in–ground Craft Safety Certificate-MSC/Circ.1054, section 9

Permit to Operate WIG Craft-MSC/Circ.1054, section 10

Noise levels

Noise Survey Report-Resolution A.468(XII), section 4.3


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