SOLAS Form R-A handy guide to its contents

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Listing the radio equipment

Attached to each Safety Radio Certificate for cargo ships should be a Form R, a form that lists the radio communications equipment held on board. This post is a quick guide to the contents of that form, contents that give an indication of the range of equipment covered by a cargo ship’s radio safety survey. 

Particulars of ship  

  • Name
  • Distinctive number or letters
  • Minimum number of persons with required qualifications to operate the radio installations

Details of radio facilities

Primary systems 

  •  VHF radio installation
  • DSC encoder
  •  DSC watch receiver
  •   Radiotelephony
  • MF radio installation
  • DSC encoder
  • DSC watch receiver
  • Radiotelephony
  • MF/HF radio installation
  •  DSC encoder
  •  DSC watch receiver
  •  Radiotelephony
  •  Direct-printing telegraphy
  • Inmarsat ship earth station

Facilities for reception of maritime safety information 

  • EGC receiver
  • NAVTEX receiver
  • HF direct-printing radiotelegraph receiver

Secondary means of alerting

  • Satellite EPIRB
  •  Ship’s search and rescue locating device
  •  Radar search and rescue transponder (SART)
  • AIS search and rescue transmitter (AIS-SART)

Methods used to  ensure  availability of  radio  facilities  (regulations  IV/15.6 and  15.7) 

  • Duplication  of  equipment
  • Shore-based  maintenance
  • At-sea maintenance capability

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