The International Oil Pollution Certificate- A handy guide

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This is the first of the environmental related certificates to be covered in this series of posts on ship certification.

IOPP- Keeping oil out of the water

Why is it required?

It is required by MARPOL Annex 1- Regulations for the Prevention of Pollution by oil, Regulation 6.

Click here for the IMO MARPOL page>australiangov

Click here for a copy of the text from the Australian goverment website>

The UK regulations are stated in SI 1996 No. 2154, The Merchant Shipping (Prevention of Oil Pollution) Regulations 1996.

Which ships require an IOPP?

Oil tankers of 150 GT and above and other ships of 400 GT and above

“Oil tanker means a ship constructed or adapted primarily to carry oil in bulk in its cargo spaces and includes combination carriers, any ”NLS tanker” as defined in Annex II of the present convention, and any gas carrier as defined in regulation 3.20 of chapter II-1 of SOLAS 74 (as Amended), when carrying a cargo or part cargo of oil in bulk” MARPOL Regulation 1

What surveys are required?

  • Initial survey
  • Renewal survey every 5 years
  • Intermediate survey not earlier than six months before and not later than six months after the half-way date of the period of validity of the Certificate
  • Annual survey within 3 months before or after each anniversary date of the Certificate

What must the certificate be supplemented by?

A  Record of Construction and Equipment

What is contained on the certificate?

Particulars of ship

  • Name of ship
  • Distinctive number or letters
  • Port of registry
  • Gross tonnage
  • Deadweight of the ship
  • IMO Number

Type of ship:

  • Oil tanker
  • Ship other than an oil tanker


What does the certificate signify?

That the ship has been surveyed in accordance with regulation 6 of Annex I of the Convention.

That the survey shows that the structure, equipment, systems, fittings, arrangement and material of the ship and the condition thereof are in all respects satisfactory and that the ship complies with the applicable requirements of Annex I of the Convention.

The next post will cover the two supplementry documents to the IOPP, documents that give an excellent indication on what areas of a ship will be inspected a during an IOPP survey.

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