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Long-Range Identification and Tracking

A revision guide to the Conformance Test Report

Filling the certification gaps in these posts with another communications equipment related document.

What is LRIT?

Long-Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) system, a system that enables the global identification and tracking of ships using existing  GMDSS equipment on board (INMARSAT-C).

A ship’s LRIT equipment must transmit position reports at 6-hour intervals unless a more frequent interval is requested remotely by an LRIT Data Center.

Click here for the IMO webpage on LRIT>

Why is the report required?

It us required under SOLAS chapter V Regulation 19.

Click here for the UK MCA copy of chapter V>

Which ships are required to carry LRIT?

The following ships engaged on international voyages:

  • Passenger ships
  • Cargo ships of 300 gross tonnage and upwards
  • Mobile offshore drilling units

How often must a vessel have a LRIT Conformance Test?

The LRIT conformance test certificate has no expiry date as long as the equipment remains the same. A retest may be required when:

  • A vessel changes or upgrades the LRIT equipment
  • A vessel changes flags

Note: ships shall automatically transmit the following long-range identification and tracking information:

  • The identity of the ship
  • The position of the ship
  • The date and time of the position provided.

What information is contained on the Conformance Test Report?

Ref: MSC.1/Circ.1307

  • Name of ship
  • Port of Registry
  • Distinctive number or letters
  • IMO number
  • Maritime Mobile Service Identifier
  • Gross Tonnage
  • Sea areas in which the ship is certified to operate
  • Sea areas for which this report is valid
  • Application Service Provider conducting the test
  • Details of the shipborne equipment used to transmit LRIT information (e.g., maker model, serial number and shipborne equipment identifier)

What does the report certify?

  • That the equipment has been found to meet the requirement of the provision of regulations V/19-1.6 and V/19-1.7
  • Is of a type approved by the Administration and meets the required performance standards
  • Has undergone conformance testing in accordance with the procedures and provisions set out in MSC.1/Circ.1307, and has shown that it can operate within the tolerances of the acceptance criteria stated in the circular.

Where to find more information on LRIT

UK MCA MGN 441 Changes to MCA’s 2002 SOLAS V Publication, Arising out of Amendments to SOLAS Chapter V>.

USCG LRIT frequently asked questions>

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