​SOLAS  Chapter VI-Safety of Cargoes


SOLAS Chapter VI – Carriage of Cargoes and Oil Fuels

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What does it cover?

Before this blog dives into the realms of grain cargoes certification it will have a quick look at the contents of SOLAS Chapter VI.  A quick look that may be useful in hunting  for cargo related legislation.

Contents of Chapter VI

Part A – General Provisions

  • Regulation 1 – Application
  • Regulating 1-1 – Definitions
  • Regulation 1-2 – Requirements for the Carriage of Solid Bulk Cargoes other than Grain
  • Regulation 2 – Cargo Information
  • Regulation 3 – Oxygen Analysis and Gas Detection Equipment
  • Regulation 4 – The Use of Pesticides in Ships
  • Regulation 5 – Stowage and Securing
  • Regulation 5-1 – Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Regulation 5-2 – Prohibition of the Blending of Bulk Liquid Cargoes and Production Processes during Sea Voyages

Part B – Special Provisions for Solid Bulk Cargoes

  • Regulation 6 – Acceptability for Shipment
  • Regulation 7 – Loading, Unloading and Stowage of Solid Bulk Cargoes

Part C – Carriage of Grain

  • Regulation 8 – Definitions
  • Regulation 9 – Requirements for Cargo Ships Carrying Grain

Some recommended links on cargo safety

The next post will move on to explore the certification associated with Regulation 9, the carriage of grain.

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