The MARPOL 2018 amendments have arrived

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A quick summary of the March 2018 MARPOL changes

A pause in the SOLAS V posts to have a look at some important changes that have just occurred to MARPOL, including the introduction of a new certificate.

March 2018 as brought some changes to MARPOL, the most important of which is the requirement to start reporting fuel consumption. This post gives a quick summary of those changes.

What do the amended MARPOL Regulations cover?

  • Ship fuel consumption data reporting requirements
  • Cargo Residues Harmful to the marine environment
  • Changes to the garbage record book
  • Introduction of new category of ‘E’ Waste
  • Amendments to IOPP certificate to cover segregated ballast tanks

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What MARPOL Regulations are changed?

  • Regulation 1 – Application
  • Regulation 2 – Definitions
  • Regulation 3 – Exceptions and Exemptions
  • Regulation 5 – Surveys
  • Regulation 6 – Issue or Endorsement of Certificates
  • Regulation 8 – Form of Certificates
  • Regulation 9 – Duration and Validity of Certificates and Statements of Compliance related to Fuel Oil Consumption Reporting
  • Regulation 10-Port state control operational requirements
  • Regulation 22-Ship Energy Management Efficiency Plan
  • Regulation 22A – Collection and Reporting of Ship Fuel Oil Consumption Data
  • Appendix I – Criteria for the Classification of Solid Bulk Cargoes as Harmful to the Marine Environment
  • Appendix II- Form of Garbage record book
  • Appendix IX – Information to be Submitted to the IMO Ship Fuel Oil Consumption Database
  • Appendix X – Form of Statement of Compliance – Fuel Oil Consumption Reporting

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What are the key requirements of MARPOL Regulation 22A?QE2 funnel

  • From the calendar year 2019 each ship of 5,000 GRT and above shall collect fuel consumption data
  • Within 3 months of the end of each calendar year the data shall be aggregated and reported to the ship’s flag state Administration
  • The IMO will include the information in a fuel consumption data base

What is ‘E’ Waste?

Electrical and electronic equipment  including all components with the presence of material potentially hazardous to human health and/or the environment.

What is the biggest change to the garbage record book?

The Record of Garbage Discharges is now divided into two parts. Part I for the use of all ships and Part II, required for ships that carry solid bulk cargoes

The next post will look at the new certificate introduced by these changes

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