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Where should a vessel’s sidelights be carried?

Sidelights have simpler rules on their placement than masthead lights, and therefore this post is shorter than the last.

Sidelights on MV Balmoral


  • ​ The sidelights of a power-driven vessel shall be placed at a height above the hull not greater than three quarters of that of the forward masthead light.
  •  They shall not be so low as to be interfered with by deck lights

The sidelights, if in a combined lantern and carried on a power-driven vessel of less than 20 meters in length, shall be placed not less than 1 meter below the masthead light.Port Sidelight


On a power-driven vessel of 20 meters or more in length:

  • The sidelights shall not be placed in front of the forward masthead lights.
  • They shall be placed at or near the side of the vessel

Sidelight position summary


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