Performance Standards for Navigation lights- A summary

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LightandBlockAnd now,  the dive down into navigation light regulations now hits the bottom of detail with an IMO resolution. 

The post in Navigation light series gives a quick summary into the performance standards required of vessel’s navigation lights.

What document gives the performance Standards for Navigation lights?

​Resolution MSC.253(83)

Performance Standards for Navigation lights, Navigation Light Controller and Associated Equipment

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Navigation Light equipment should be designed, tested, installed and maintained based on these standards.

What is the purpose of Navigation Lights?

  • Identify ships
  • Notify their intentions at sea 

What is the purpose of a Navigation Lights Controller?

is to provide means of:

  • Control of Navigation lights
  • Monitoring of the status of Navigation lights 

Stern light of a ferry

What is covered in MSC 253?

1 Scope

2 Application

3 Definitions

  • Associated equipmentLightCloseMast
  • Lamp
  • Length
  • Navigation Light (NL)
  • Navigation Light Controller (NLC)

4 Navigation Lights

  • General
  • Luminous intensity distribution
  • Special requirements for lights using LEDs

5 Navigation Light Controller

  • On off switches
  • Status indications
  • Pre-programming
  • Alarms
  • Dimming
  • Interfaces

6 Power supply and fallback arrangementsMast and flags of a bunker barhe

  • Need for separate circuits
  • Ability to operate  by an emergency source
  • Automatic switch over to the alternative source of power is permitted.

7 Associated equipment

  • General requirements for  associated equipment
  • Screens for sidelight may be a part of a ship’s structure.

8 Marking

The markings that each Navigation Light should have.

9 Installation of navigation lights and associated equipment.

The general requirements required of navigation lights

10 Maintenance

  • The requirements for the ease of replacing the lights
  • The requirements for the ability to maintain the lights

The next post will look at some of these performance standards in more detail.

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