​Navigation Light Performance Standards-A handy guide to the IMO Resolution

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Sunrise over a jettyResolution MSC.253(83) Performance Standards for Navigation lights, Navigation Light Controller and Associated Equipment

The last post contained a contents list of this Resolution, this post goes into a bit more detail with a summary of some of its contents.

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What are the  navigation lights?

  • Masthead light
  • Sidelights
  • Sternlight
  • Towing light
  • All-round light
  • Flashing light
  • All-round flashing yellow light required for air-cushion vessels
  • Manoeuvering light

Note: Unless expressly required, these Navigation lights  should appear steady and non-flashing.

The document also refers to international standard  IEC 60945.

What material should navigation lights be produced in?Tug Masthead lights

Material that is:

  • Robust
  • Non-corroding material,
  • Should ensure a long-term durability for the optical qualities 

What is the requirement to carry spare Navigation lights and lamps?

  • A masthead light, sidelights and a sternlight installed on board a ship not less than 50m in length should be duplicated or be fitted with duplicate lamps
  • A sufficient number of spare lamps for Navigation lights should be carried onboard

: Only lamps specified by the manufacturer should be used.

By how much may the  Luminous intensity vary?

Within the prescribed sector in which the minimum luminous intensity is required the vertical intensity distribution of the light should be  uniform in such a way that the measured minimum and maximum luminous intensity values  do not differ by more than a factor of 1.5.

This is to avoid  intensity changes which may result in the appearance of a flashing light.

What special requirements are there for Navigation lights using LEDs?

  • An alarm  must notify the Officer of the Watch that the luminous intensity of the light reduces below the level required by COLREGs
  • The lifespan of LEDs should be determined and clearly notified by the manufacturer

What markings must a navigation light have?Navigation lights on a tug's mast

Each light should be marked with:

  • The type/category of the light
  • The serial and certificate number
  • Head line directions
  • Range in nautical miles
  • Nominal wattage of the light source in watts, if different values lead to different ranges. 

How should Navigation lights be installed?

Navigation lights should be installed in such a way so as:

  • To protect navigation watch keeping
  • To ensure that the light shows over the  required arcs of visibility
  • To satisfy the required vertical separation and location requirements in all normal operating trim conditions
  • So that the lamp specified by the manufacturer can be efficiently  and readily replaced, without elaborate re-calibration or readjustment
  • So that they are readily accessible for inspection and maintenance purposes

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