Navigation Light Controller (NLC)-A quick guide the requirements


Bridge of general cargo ship

Some more information from Resolution MSC.253(83)

This post is a continuation from of the last post covering navigation lights performance standards.

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What is a Navigation Light Controller?

Navigation Light Controller (NLC) is a device enabling operational control of a Navigation Light.

What are the requirements of a Navigation Light Controller?Bridge window with gold sun screens

  • An NLC should facilitate ON/OFF controls of individual NLs
  • An NLC should provide visual indications of ON/OFF status of NLs
  • An NLC on board a ship not less than 50 m in length should present the status of all NLs in a logical presentation, meeting the requirements set out in resolution MSC.191(79), e.g., by symbol marks on a display. Click here to view the resolution
  • All indicators of an NLC should be dimmable to ensure easy reading without disturbing the night vision of the Officer of the Watch. The brightness of a display, if fitted, of an NLC should be controllable.

Note: Pre-programmed NL group settings may be provided

What are the requirements regarding light failures?

An NLC on board a ship not less than 50 m in length should provide the alarm for:

  • A failure of power supply to the Navigation Lights
  • A failure, including short circuit, of a lamp which is switched ON.

An NLC should support the use of standardized serial interfaces for marine navigation and communication systems

The NLC should have a bi-directional interface to transfer alarms to external systems and receive acknowledgements of alarms from external systems. The interface should comply with the relevant international standards

Power supply and fallback arrangements

Each navigation light should be connected, via separate circuits, to a navigation light controller located on the bridge in order to avoid any navigation light failure, including short circuit, that affect any navigation lights connected to the controller.

Navigation lights and controllers, and associated equipment should be so constructed and installed, as necessary, that they are readily accessible for inspection and maintenance purposes.

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