What is the Polar Code Record of Equipment?

Glacier FootRecord of Equipment for the compliance with the international code for ships operating in polar waters- A quick guide

And so the Polar Code posts continue, and so it’s another excuse to dig out some of my favourite photos.
Like many of the other certificates the Polar Code Certificate must be supplemented by a record of equipment form, and like other certificates this is a useful form to have at hand when preparing for the arrival of the surveyor on-board.

This record shall be permanently attached to the Polar Ships Certificate

What is contained on the Polar Code record of Equipment?

Particulars of ship:

  • Name of ship
  • Distinctive number or letters

Record of equipmentKing Penguins at South Georgia

Life-saving appliances

  • Total number of immersion suits with insulation for crew and for passengers
  • Total number of thermal protective aids

Personal and Group Survival Equipment

  • Personal survival equipment – for number of persons
  • Group survival equipment – for number persons
  • Total capacity of liferafts in compliance with chapter 8 of the Polar Code
  • Total capacity of lifeboats in compliance with chapter 8 of the Polar Code

Navigation equipment

  • Two independent echo-sounding devices or a device with two separate independent transducers
  • Remotely rotatable, narrow-beam search lights controllable from the bridge or other means to visually detect ice
  • Manually initiated flashing red light visible from astern (for ships involved in icebreaking operations)
  • Two or more non-magnetic independent means to determine and display heading
  • GNSS compass or equivalent (for ships proceeding to latitudes over 80 degrees)

Communication equipment

  • Sound signaling system mounted to face astern to indicate escort and emergency Ice and mountainsmanoeuvres to following ships as described in the International Code of Signals (for ships intended to provide ice breaking escort).
  • Voice and/or data communications with relevant rescue coordination centres.
  • Equipment for voice communications with aircraft on 121.5 and 123.1 MHz.
  • Two-way voice and data communication with a Telemedical Assistance Service (TMAS).
  • All rescue boats and lifeboats have a device (for ships certified to operate in low air temperature):
    • For transmitting vessel to shore alerts
    • for transmitting signals for location
    • for transmitting and receiving on-scene communications
  • All other survival craft have a device:
    • for transmitting signals for location
    • for transmitting and receiving on-scene communications

A Really Handy Guide to Ship Certification-Part 4

EnvCoverKeeping the seas clean

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