Port Security Plan-A Quick Guide

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Continuing with the Security theme here is a Handy set of notes on Port Security Plans.

​What requires a port security plan to be developed and maintained?

Part 16 of ISPS code.

Note: The PSP must be based on a port facility security assessment and  be approved by the Government in whose territory the port facility is located.

What should the plan address?

  • Weapons-Measures designed to prevent weapons, dangerous substances and devices intended for use against persons, ships or ports and the carriage of which is not authorised, from being introduced into the port facility or on board a ship;
  • Access -Measures designed to prevent unauthorised access to the port facility, to ships moored at the facility, and to restricted areas of the facility;
  • Threat-Procedures for responding to security threats or breaches of security, including provisions for maintaining critical operations of the port facility or ship/port interface;
  • Instructions-Procedures for responding to any security instructions issued by the  Government in whose territory the port facility is located;
  • Evacuation– Procedures for evacuation in case of security threats or breaches of security
  • Duties-Duties of port facility personnel assigned security responsibilities and of other facility personnel on security aspects;
  • Interface-Procedures for interfacing with ship security activities;
  • Review -Procedures for the periodic review of the plan and updating;
  • Reporting -Procedures for reporting security incidents;
  • Port Security Officer-Identification of the port facility security officer including 24-hour contact details;
  • Information Security– Measures to ensure the security of the information contained in the plan;
  • Cargo Security -Measures designed to ensure effective security of cargo and the cargo handling equipment at the port
  • Audit-Procedures for auditing the port facility security plan;
  • Response-procedures for responding in case the ship security alert system of a ship at the port facility has been activated;
  • Leave-procedures for facilitating shore leave for ship’s personnel or personnel changes, as well as access of visitors to the ship including representatives of seafarers welfare and labour organizations.

What format may the Port Security Plan be in?

  • It may be kept in an electronic format;
  • It may be combined with, or be part of,  other port emergency plan or plans;
  • It may cover more than oneport facility if the operator, location, operation, equipment, and design of these port facilities are similar and the Government approves.

Note: The plan shall be protected from unauthorized access or disclosure.If in an electronic format it shall be protected by procedures to prevent its unauthorized deletion, destruction or amendment.

A Really Handy Guide to Ship Certification-Part 3

Keeping vessels safe

Cover of the Really handy Guide to Ship Certification, part 3.

The third book of the series on vessel certification covers the SOLAS and security certificates, including SAFCON, CSSC, PSSC, ISPS and a diversion into the subject of HSSC.

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