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SOLAS V and Manning

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After an excursion into security and moorings this blog returns to explore SOLAS and the safety of Navigation. This it is a topic that overlaps with the certification series of posts, that of safe manning.

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Within SOLAS V is a Regulation that covers both manning levels and language.

What SOLAS Regulation covers ship’s manning?

SOLAS Chapter V Regulation 14.

Click here for UK MCA guidance on this regulation>

What does this regulation require Governments to do?

To maintain, or, if it is necessary, to adopt, measures for the purpose of ensuring that, from the point of view of safety of life at sea, all ships shall be sufficiently and efficiently manned.

For every  ship on international voyages the flag state shall:

  • Establish appropriate minimum safe manning following a transparent procedure, taking into account the relevant guidance adopted by the Organization;
  • Issue an appropriate minimum safe manning document or equivalent as evidence of the minimum safe manning.

Click here for IMO A.1047- Principles of Safe Manning>

Click here for a handy guide on the Safe Manning Document>

What does the Regulation say about a working language?

  • On all ships, to ensure effective crew performance in safety matters, a working language shall be established and recorded in the ship’s log-book;
  • The company, or the master, as appropriate, shall determine the appropriate working language;
  • Each seafarer shall be required to understand and, where appropriate, give orders and instructions and to report back in that language;
  • If the working language is not an official language of the Flag State, all plans and lists required to be posted shall include a translation into the working language.

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What does the Regulation say about the language to be used for external communications?

On ships on international voyages English shall be used on the bridge as the working language for:

  • Bridge-to-bridge;
  • Bridge-to-shore safety communications;
  • Communications on board between the pilot and bridge watchkeeping personnel

This does not apply if those directly involved in the communication speak a common language other than English.

Click here for A 22/Res.918 IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases>

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Maritime Security-An Index of Posts so Far


Before temporarily moving off to explore other topics I have put together a short  handy list of the Maritime Security related posts on Navsregs. More posts will no doubt be added, so follow this bog to catch them as they arrive.

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A Really Handy Guide to Ship Certification-Part 3

Keeping vessels safe

Cover of the Really handy Guide to Ship Certification, part 3.

The third book of the Handy Guide series on vessel certification covers the SOLAS and security certificates, including SAFCON, CSSC, PSSC, ISPS and a diversion into the subject of HSSC.

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