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SOLAS V and Nautical Charts

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Part of a UKHO chart showing Cornwall

Charts and publications are the next topic covered in this series on SOLAS and the safety of Navigation.

What SOLAS Regulation covers Nautical Charts and Publications?

SOLAS Regulation 27 – Nautical Charts and Nautical Publications.

What does SOLAS V Regulation 27 require?

That Nautical charts and nautical publications, necessary for the intended voyage, shall be:

  • Adequate;
  • Up to date.

Cover of UKCHO chart Maintenance Record

Click for UK MCA guidance on Regulation 27

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Click for IMO guidence on electronic charts

What is a nautical chart according to SOLAS?

Reg 2 of SOLAS V states that it is map or a specially compiled database from which such a map is derived. It also has to be issued officially by or on the authority of a Government, authorized Hydrographic Office or other relevant government institution and is designed to meet the requirements of marine navigation.

UK guidance states that a chart must be of such a scale and contain sufficient detail as clearly to show:

  • All navigational marks which may be used by a ship when navigating the waters which are covered by the chart;
  • All known dangers affecting those waters;
  • All information concerning any ships’ routeing and ship reporting measures applicable to those waters.

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