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Passage Planning Guidelines

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The passage planning theme is padded out a bit more in this post with a summary of some of the guidance given in-


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The need for voyage and passage planning applies to all vessels.

What are the stages of voyage planning?

  • Appraisel
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Monitoring


The gathering of all information relevant to voyage or passage;


This is the detailed planning of the whole voyage or passage from berth to berth. It includes areas needing a pilot.


This is the execution of the voyage in accordance with the plan or any changes made to it.


This is the monitoring of the progress of the vessel in the implementation of the plan.

What information should be taking into account during passage appraisal?

The vessel

  • Stability
  • Equipment
  • Operational limitations

Maximum draught

  • At sea
  • In fairways
  • In ports


  • Manouvering data
  • Any restrictions


  • Special characteristics of the cargo, especially if hazardous
  • Distribution of cargo
  • stowage and securing


  • To be competent
  • To be well-rested


Up-to-date certificates and documents concerning :

  • The vessel
  • equipment
  • crew
  • passengers
  • cargo.

Navigation Information

  • Sppropriate scale, accurate and up-to-date charts;
  • Relevant permanent or temporary notices to mariners;
  • Radio navigational warnings;
  • Accurate and up-to-date:
    • sailing directions;
    • List of lights;
    • Lists of radio aids to navigation;
    • Mariners routeing guide.

The Next Post

The next post will be taking the subject of passage planning forward a bit more, to look at the guidelines on planning the voyage.

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