Navsregs is a blog and website of the author and publisher John Manley, who produces books on maps, navigation and Cornish history. The site is based on the observation that nonfiction books are never complete; they are only a the starting point for more discoveries. Navsregs website will therefore continue the stories by filling gaps, expand, and update his publications. Enjoy the journey.

John Manley is a professional Master Mariner who has spent many year training  deck cadets to pass their Officer of the Watch examinations. His “Really Handy” series of books have been written to support that training.

Important: This blog is written as an aid to revision, and represents my own wanders through maritime legislation.  For definitive information please refer to source documentation.   Throughout this blog I will provide links to those sources when available.

John Manley’s Publications

The Really Handy Range

  • A really Handy Book to learn the Collision Regulations (kindle)
  • When Ships meet (kindle)
  • Shapes and a bit More (Kindle)
  • Rule 19 and a bit more (Kindle)

The Cornish History Range

  • The Liskeard Mining district in 1863 (CD-ROM)
  • The History and Progress of Mining in the Liskeard and Caradon District-(Webb and Geach)
  • The Tamar Mining district in 1848 (CD-ROM)
  • The Last Great Cornish Engineer(Paperback)
  • Sketch of the life of William West C.E. of Tredenham-The last of the great Cornish Engineers (Kindle)

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