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The Officer of the watch prime responsibities-The question


After a brief break in the weekly COLREG questions, here they are again. In this series of posts however the COLREGS will be used to widen the subject outwards to general officer of the watch topics. So if you are studying for OOW exams-follow the blog.

The questions and answers are based on official publications, including the UK Mnotice -MGN 315 ‘The keeping a safe navigational watch on Merchant vessels’.¬† This Mnotice gives the UK’s guidance on complying with the requirements of STCW 95 and its code. A good read for those facing UK MCA examiners. For those of you working under other flags, have a check on line for similar guidance issued by the flag state.

So here is the first question-

Question: What are the officer of the watches two prime responsibilities?

And as a bonus question- What does the shapes being shown in the picture signify?

For the “Really Handy Books To learn the collision regulations click here>

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