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Top 10 M notices-LSA equipment


UK Marine Notices  (MGNs and MSNs) are excellent sources of information for anyone studying for Officer of Watch, Chief Mate and Master’s examinations, even for those not sailing under the British flag. Here are the top ten of the Notices covering the subject of lifesaving equipment. Lifeboats have been covered in the previous post.

1. MGN 343 (M+F)– Hydrostatic Release Units (HRU) – Stowage and Float Free Arrangements for Inflatable Liferafts

2. MGN 79 (M+F) – Safety Equipment and Pollution Prevention Equipment Carried in Excess of Statutory Requirements

3. MGN 499 (M+F)
– Life-Saving Appliances: Inflatable Liferafts, Marine Evacuation Systems, Inflatable Lifejackets and Hydrostatic Release Units: Servicing Requirements

4. MGN 529 (M+F)– Life-Saving Appliances – Immersion Suits Acceptance Criteria for Airtight Packaging

5. MGN 76 (M) – Lifejackets carried on Passenger Ships

6. MGN 254 (M+F) – Guidance to Users of Inflatable

7.  MGN 419 (M+F) – Disposal of Out of Date Pyrotechnics (Marine Flares)

8. MGN 105 (M+F) – Use and Fitting of Retro-Reflective Material on Life-Saving Appliances

9. MGN 344 (M) – Observations and Recommendations arising from a Series of Domestic Passenger Vessel Evacuation Exercises

10. MGN 106 (M+F) – Natural & Synthetic Fibre Cordage for Lifesaving Appliances

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