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The Passenger Ship Safety Certificate- A handy guide

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Safe structure, Safe equipment and safe radio equipment for passenger ships

The three key aspects of SOLAS ship safety are covered by one certificate, the Passenger Ship Safety Certificate (PSSC).

What form has to be attached to the PSSC?

Record of Equipment for Passenger Ship Safety (Form P)

What information can be found on the certificate?

Particulars of ship

  • Name of ship
  • Distinctive number or letters
  •  Port of registry
  •  Gross tonnage
  • Sea areas in which ship is certified to operate (regulation IV/2)
  • IMO Number


  • Date of building contract
  • Date on which keel was laid or ship was at similar stage of construction
  • Date of delivery
  • Date on which work for a conversion or an alteration or modification of a major character was commenced (where applicable)

Assigned subdivision  load lines

A passenger ship may have alternative loadlines, dependent on its mode of operation. These are designated P1, P2  etc.

“A ship intended for alternating modes of operation may, if the owners desire, have one or more additional load lines assigned and marked to correspond with the subdivision draughts which the Administration may approve for the alternative service configurations.” SOLAS II-1 18


What does it certify?

  •  That  the  ship  has  been  surveyed  in  accordance  with  the  requirements  of  regulation  I/7  of  the Convention.
    • That the survey showed that: the ship complied with the requirements of the Convention as regards:
    • The  structure,  main  and  auxiliary  machinery,  boilers  and  other  pressure  vessels; the  watertight  subdivision  arrangements  and  details
    • The  ship  complied  with  the  requirements  of SOLAS as  regards  structural  fire protection, fire safety systems and appliances and fire control plans
    • The  life-saving  appliances  and  the  equipment  of  the  lifeboats,  liferafts  and  rescue  boats  were provided in accordance with the requirements of SOLAS
    • The  ship  was  provided  with  a  line-throwing  appliance  and  radio  installations  used  in life-saving appliances in accordance with the requirements of SOLAS
    • The ship complied with the requirements of the SOLAS as regards radio installations;
    • The  functioning  of  the  radio  installations  used  in  life-saving  appliances  complied  with  the requirements of SOLAS
    • The  ship  complied  with  the  requirements  of  SOLAS  as  regards shipborne navigational equipment, means of embarkation for pilots and nautical publications
    • The  ship  was  provided  with  lights,  shapes,  means  of  making  sound  signals  and  distress signals,  in  accordance  with  the  requirements  of  the Convention  and  the  International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea
    • In all other respects the ship complied with the relevant requirements of SOLAS

How often must the ship be surveyed?

Unlike cargo ships, passanger ships require annual renewal surveys.

  • An initial survey before the ship is put in service
  • A renewal survey once every 12 months
  • Additional surveys, as occasion arisesHandyBooks

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