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The Special Trade Passenger Ship Safety Certificate

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wpid-wp-1438103199200.jpegA handy guide to the Special Trade Passenger Ship Safety Certificate-Carrying pilgrims safely

What is a special trade passenger ship?

It is a ship carrying large numbers of unberthed passengers in special trades such as the pilgrim trade in a restricted sea area around the Indian Ocean.

(6) “ Special trade ” means the conveyance of large numbers of special trade passengers by sea on international voyages within the area specified below (as illustrated in the chart in Appendix I to these Rules):….Special Trade Passenger ship Rules


Why is a Special Trade Certificate required?

It is required under SOLAS Chapter III regulation 2 Exemptions

2 In the case of passenger ships which are employed in special trades for the carriage of large numbers of special trade passengers, such as the pilgrim trade, the Administration, if satisfied that it is impracticable to enforce compliance with the requirements of this chapter, may exempt such ships from those requirements, provided that such ships comply fully with the provisions of:

.1 the rules annexed to the Special Trade Passenger Ships Agreement, 1971; and

.2 the rules annexed to the Protocol on Space Requirements for Special Trade Passenger Ships, 1973.

What is a Special Trade Passenger?

“‘Special trade passenger‘ means a passenger carried in special trades in spaces on the weather deck, upper deck and/or between decks which accommodate more than eight passengers. Special Trade Passenger Ships Rules, 1971

Does the Special Trade Passenger Ship Safety Certificate replace the Passenger Ship Safety Certificate?

No, a Special Trade Passenger Ship Safety Certificate shall, be issued in addition to the Passenger Ship Safety Certificate.

Is shall be issued after inspection and survey to a special trade passenger ship which complies with the applicable requirements of these Rules.

How long does the Certificate last?

This Certificate shall be issued for a period of not more than twelve months.

What information is shown on the certificate?CertSpecialTradeCert

  • Ship particulars
    • Name
    • Distinctive numbers or letters
    • Port of Registry
    • Gross tonnage
  • Particulars of voyages
  • Date on which keel was laid
  • Subdivision loadlines
    • D1-D3 Freeboards
    • These apply when defined alternative spaces are use to carry passengers
  • Life saving  appliances carried for specified number of passengers
    • Lifeboats
    • Liferafts
    • Buoyant apparatus
    • Lifebuoys
    • Lifejackets
  • A Table of space available for accommodation of special trade passengers
  • Location of spaces
  • Number of passengers for less than 24 hours, 24 hours and over but less than 72 hours, 72 hours over (Existing ships 24 to 48 hours in seasons of fair weather)

Click here for the Special Passenger Trade Space Protocol> 

Important: This blog is written as an aid to revision, and represents my own wanders through maritime legislation.  For definitive information please refer to source documentation.   Throughout this blog I will provide links to those sources when available.

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The International Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of INF Cargo- A Handy Guide

Navsregs>Ship Certification>Irradiated Nuclear Fuel

imdg-7Carrying  Irradiated fuel, Plutonium and high level waste on board ships

Back to the certificates again, this time one that applies to a small number of specialised vessels.

Why is the certificate required?

It is required by The international code for the safe carriage of packaged irradiated fuel, Plutonium and high level waste on board ships (INF code.)

What other document is required by the INF code?

Every ship carrying INF cargo shall carry on board a shipboard emergency plan.

What information is contained on the Certificate?

  • Particulars of ship
    • Name of ship
    • Distinctive number or letters
    • Port of registry
    • Gross tonnage
    • IMO Number
  • INF class of ship
  • Completion date of the survey on which this certificate is based

The certificate must be drawn up in the official language of the issuing country. If the language used is neither English, French  or Spanish, the text should include a translation into one of these languages

What Surveys are required?

The Harmonised System of Survey and Certification (HSSC) does not apply,  however, the UK MCA recommend that the surveys and certification are harmonised with other Convention certificates where practicable.

The Surveys

  • An Initial Survey
  • An Annual Survey, within three months before or after each anniversary date of the Certificate, other than where an intermediate survey is required
  • An Intermediate Survey, within three months before or after the second or third anniversary date of the Certificate;
  • A  Renewal Survey

The INF code

This code is required by SOLAS Chapter VII Carriage of dangerous goods Part D-Special requirements for the carriage of packaged irradiated fuel, plutonium and high-level  radioactive wastes on board ships.

The code applies to All ships,  regardless of date and size carrying  INF. It does not apply to warships and naval auxiliary warships used for non commercial purposes.

Click here for the IMO INF website>

What is INF cargo?

 “INF cargo” means packaged irradiated nuclear fuel, plutonium and high‐level radioactive wastes carried as cargo in accordance with class 7 of the IMDG Code.”

Irradiated nuclear fuel” means material containing uranium, thorium and/or plutonium isotopes which has been used to maintain a self‐sustaining nuclear chain reaction.” INF code

Contents of the INF code

The chapter headings of the code give a good overview of the requirements of INF carriage.

  • Chapter 1 General
  • Chapter 2 Damage stability
  • Chapter 3 Fire safety measures
  • Chapter 4 ‐ Temperature control of cargo spaces
  • Chapter 5 ‐ Structural consideration
  • Chapter 6 ‐ Cargo securing arrangements
  • Chapter 7 ‐ Electrical power supplies
  • Chapter 8 ‐ Radiological protection
  • Chapter 9 ‐ Management and training
  • Chapter 10 ‐ Shipboard emergency plan
  • Chapter 11 ‐ Notification in the event of an incident involving INF cargo

A Fact Sheet

WNTIFactsheetThe  World Nuclear Transport institution have a useful fact sheet on the INF code, Click here to download>

Click here for the WNTI website>

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